Week 3: Load Performance – Question 3

Psychology can be a very important thing to consider when talking about design. By looking at the way things used to be and the way they’ve changed over the decades we can clearly see that the way we now chose to showcase our content has drastically changed. In the early days of the internet web pages were suffocating between hundreds of ads and images crammed into one single webpage on any given search engine. The flashing lights and movement were overwhelming. Now if you look at our search engines today you can see that they are sparse. A simple search bar located in the middle with a few buttons to aid in your search.

Mixing psychology and design means we’ve learnt what design principles people prefer and apply them as needed. We now know what colours, shapes, sizes make people feel happy or sad or interested. This helps us created content that will elicit the emotions needed from the viewer (Norman, 2013).


Norman, D. (2013). The design of everyday things : Revised and expanded edition. New York: Basic Books.



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