Week 4: Web Creditability – Question 1

Question 1:

The internet contains vast amounts of information. Anything you need or want to know is there at the touch of a button. This mostly benefits us, but can also be attributed to our intellectual downfall.

The internet is huge yes, but quite easy to navigate. Gone are the days when only sophisticated companies had websites. Now anyone can make one. It is for this reason that being able to evaluate credibility is so important. People who are experts can share their knowledge but now so can people who have no real sources to back up their information, which is now all over the web (Lewandowski, 2012). People tend to trust that whatever they’re reading has come from a credible source. A lot of readers will automatically trust and retain the information put in front of them without taking a second to think about it.

Web creditability is important because if you don’t analyze and assess the information you’re viewing, what you’re learning might actually be content that has no real basis within the world. We need to be able to evaluate the information that we’re looking on and decide if they are credible enough to use in our own work as reliable resources (Yoshikiyo, 2008).


Yoshikiyo, K. (2008). Information credibility on the web (Internet research, v. 18, no. 2). Bradford, England: Emerald.

Lewandowski, D. (2012). Web search engine research (Library and information science, v. 4). Bingley, U.K.: Emerald.




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