Week 4: Web Creditability – Question 3

Question 3:

  • Web creditability is something that needs further investigation in the future as because of the vastness of the web not as much research is being done.
  • The world is moving fast, which in turn means more and more technologies are popping up here and there. This means more effort will need to be out in, in order to assess how these new technologies will effect wed creditability.
  • With time our knowledge on certain subjects changes, this means more information will become irrelevant, this will need to be taken into account.
  • As time passes links to previous, maybe even reliable, sources will be comes obsolete as the internet spreads and websites get taken down.
  • Being warry of scams is a huge necessity. Though we are getting more effective at finding them, as technology grows, so will the ways that spammers used to target.
  • Web user bases, generally web technology and user experience levels all are constantly evolving. This means better research into these subjects needs to be done as time goes by.



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